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Creating your beauty product was easy but...

marketing and selling your brand, that could
Be overwhelming and confusing. I know it’s frustrating when:
Every day you say to yourself, “If I could figure out this marketing and find a way to sell more products that would be a dream come true!” No need to dream beauty boss, just...
Hi, I’m Jamila Bannister
Brand and Marketing Strategist for Beauty and Personal Care Brands.
I know how frustrating it could be to feel like you’re hitting the same brick wall repeatedly. But what if I told you I can help you figure out how to position your beauty brand, build the e-commerce website you need to sell your products and help you plan and launch the marketing campaign to get your beauty products into the hands of your target audience? Sounds awesome, right?
I spent over 15 years in managing projects in branding and marketing; helping companies to tell their stories and sell their products. I'm an e-commerce specialist and customer acquisition specialist, certified by Digital Marketer and a Klaviyo e-mail marketing partner. I’m also a beauty brand owner and trained makeup artist who has designed e-commerce funnels and crafted the plan to market and successfully launch my beauty store.

We offer 3 types of services

In this comprehensive 3 month service. We’ll help you develop:
In this 4-week service, we design and build out your e-commerce funnel. This includes:
This is a PR service for Beauty Brands who have launched and need to get their story out there with PR.


Maybe you’re not quite ready to turn your beauty brand into a full-fledged online business and need to increase your sales before you take things to the next level. Our low investment digital products maybe just what you need

100 Ways to Tik Tok

100 video ideas and examples to help you create Tik Tok videos everyday for your beauty brand

The Bankable Beauty Booth

This 25-page guide will teach everything you need to know to make bank at pop-up shops and market when you sell your beauty brand

(Bundle) The Bankable Beauty Booth + 100 Ways to Tik Tok

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What others say about us

"When I began working with Jamila, I was seeking to transform my personal brand voice and also needed soup-to-nuts branding for my budding consultancy company. I've received far more than a logo, brand colours, and tag lines! Jamila helped me find my professional brand identity and played a key role in determining who my true target audience is for my business. Her supportive, educational, "let's get it done" structured approach has positioned me to confidently leverage my business online in a manner that fits well with what my company stands for as an entity. The brand manual Jamila created is a must-have and my go-to reference guide. It keeps me centred and focused. Investing in Jamila's services was a smart decision. I know my business is positioned for success."
Michele Mouton Gordon
CEO Lagniappe Digital Consulting
Work with you was very nice!I will definitely refer you in the future.Your response time and ease of working with was definitelygreat
Brent Mollineau
Phil The Gap Limited
Beauty lovers are creating new products everyday with no idea how to sell them. At JBannister Branding, we’ll help you to position your brand to get audience’s attention, create a memorable marketing message and build a sales funnel that brings you consistent sales with ease, so you can worry less about growing and focus more on making your clients beautiful

You deserve the money and the fun

Beauty professionals should not be starving creatives.
You should be free to

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