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Have you been spending those marketing coins to run Facebook ads hoping to get more clients? Well turn those ads off and listen up...


As a small business, direct marketing is one of the most effective ways to close more sales.  Talking to people one-on-one or in small groups is how you will gain that trust and plant seeds that will grow into bigger opportunities.

But direct marketing only works when you have a network that is rich with people who fit the profile of your ideal customer, people who can give you access to more people who fit that profile and people who know, like and trust your brand. But what does it take to create a network like this?  

It takes two things….a strong personal brand and a fool proof strategy that helps you build real relationships where everyone benefits.

The Step-by-Step Network Building Strategy you need

Hey, I’m Jamila. In my early days of building my professional network, I thought it was all about introducing myself to new people with the hope that they would love me and want to buy from me. 

But having built my network offline with events, online via LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook and run 3 global summits, with speakers from over 10 countries, I can tell you there are levels to this game. 

With the right mix of branding, communication, and strategy you can build your power circle of people who will refer opportunities to you, mention your name in the right circles and help you grow your business .

If you are ready to build a circle of people who:

  1. Will complement you not compete with you
  2. Are influential in exactly the way you need them to be
  3. Will find value in your brand and will offer value in return
  4. Could eventually become your money team

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In these sessions you will learn:

  1. Why you need to build a circle of influence alongside your online community
  2. How to position your brand as the business friend you notice and need
  3. How to qualify the people for your personal power player circle
  4. The tried-and-true way to get a positive response to your direct outreach. even from cold contacts
  5. How you should leverage your circle to grow your business and influencing

Upgrade your Circle

Upgrade your Business

Upgrade your Life

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