A customised marketing plan to help launch your beauty products is just one day away ..

Ready to create a strategy to help you take your beauty product to market without sitting through a months long program? Apply to see if you’re a fit for the
“Beauty Brand Product Launch VIP Day Experience


Have you ever felt stuck when trying to market your beauty brand? You know you have amazing products, but you wish you could have a Chief Marketing Officer who you could talk to and ask those burning marketing questions.


Questions like:

100 Content ideas for tik tok

Truth be told, these are all legitimate ways to market your business. But the question you should really ask is, are these ways right for my beauty brand?..

Get a customized marketing plan for your beauty business done in one day...

I know what it’s like to need someone just to show you the way. Someone who knows what they are doing, whose brain you can pick for a few hours and who can guide you and share their experience. I know what it’s like to need someone just to show you the way. It’s frustrating to

  • Be busy “marketing”  your product but still not have the sales to reflect  all the work you put in
  • Get a bazillion suggestions but still be stuck because you don’t know where to start
  • See your marketing budget going down but still not make the impact you want
  • Spend months going through a course before you can implement anything

This is why I created my  Beauty Brand Marketing Strategy VIP Day Experience 

Image of Jamila Bannister

I’ve got your back….

I’m Jamila Bannister, Brand and Marketing Strategist for Beauty and Personal Care Brands. I spent 14 years in marketing communications helping companies to tell their stories and sell their products. I’m also a trained makeup artist who loves all things beauty and now I use my skills to help beauty business owners launch successful brands and earn the money they deserve. I created the One Day Way VIP Marketing Strategy experience to give beautypreneurs just like you a full day where you can work one on one with me to design a market

This is what your VIP Day experience will look like...

Set the stage

image of woman sitting at a table in front of her laptop

One week before your day, we’ll start the process with an introductory call, where we’ll talk about the agenda of your day and the homework you must complete before we begin

Have your day

During the day, we’ll kick off by reviewing your homework, plan your marketing strategy, create an action plan and a timeline to get it all done.

Check in on you

Image of a hand holding up a smartphone with the screen saying Inbox. There is also a plant in the background

Four weeks after your day, we’ll schedule a follow up call the check in with your review your progress and answer any questions.

Who should book this Marketing Stragtegy VIP Day?

Owners of :

  • Skincare brands
  • Haircare brands
  • Cosmetics brands
  • Personal Care brands

Managing an beauty business has countless moving parts.

The last thing you need to feel is stressed or confused about your marketing. With this Marketing Strategy VIP Day you will walk away with an actionable marketing that you can begin implementing right away. You will be in full control of your marketing, your sales and your life

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