How to become a profitable virtual summit speaker course

How to become a profitable virtual summit speaker

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Have you ever wondered what it takes to get yourself on stage as a presenter at a virtual summit? Or maybe you’ve agreed to be a summit speaker and then felt totally overwhelmed and frustrated with the mountain of homework you suddenly have on your plate . The truth is, agreeing to be a virtual summit speaker is like agreeing to full on concert level performance. You have got to prepare, show up and keep riding the momentum of your increased visibility and growth long after the summit is over

What you’ll learn in this course:

  • How to use virtual summits to get in front your ideal audience while reaching your visibility goals
  • How to manage summit logistics as a speaker so you can show up at your best, delight the summit host and establish your reputation as a high quality speaker
  • How to engage the summit audience to optimise reach and capture warm leads
  • How to make the most of your new network of business contacts and sales leads to drive profits
What People are Saying
Thank you so much Jamila for helping me rock my first online summit. I honestly had no idea how to prepare for it, and I didn't realize there would be so many tasks required in addition to providing my presentation. You helped me understand the full scope of what it means to be a summit speaker. With your guidance, I've created a killer presentation that I can use over and over again, and I've monetized multiple summit gigs.
Digital Community Architect
Rock Your Tribe
As a PR professional I completely understand the need to show up powerfully. Speaking at not one but two of Jamila's summits has allowed me to connect with a whole new audience in a real and authentic way and gain confidence all while simply sharing my knowledge and expertise. This simple act has helped me attract more paying clients in record time. Clients who are ready and willing to work with me.
Carla Williams Johnson
Marketing and Media Specialist
Carli Communications
When I accepted the invitation to speak at my first Summit I was like "suuure looking forward to it" When I realised what I had to do, it sounded like rocket science and I thought to myself, “what on earth did I get myself into”. But Jamila walked me through everything I did not know. I learnt so much! Because of the “bootcamp” experience I now have a video master class I can offer. I know so much more now about creating what is needed to engage with my ideal target audience.
Daya Ottley
Voice Communication Coach
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Hi I'm your instructor...
Jamila Bannister

As a previous summit speaker and a two time summit host I know what it takes to show up at peak performance as a virtual summit speaker. Yes, committing to speak at a virtual summit can feel daunting, but it only feels this way when you’re not fully prepared.

In this course, I will teach you exactly what you need to do to not just show up  as an amazing speaker, but how to manage the virtual summit process so you delight the host  and cement your reputation as a top choice and a highly recommended speaker in your niche. 

We’ll explore how summits can fit into your personal branding strategy and thought leadership goals as well as how you can leverage your expanded visibility and new engaged audience into business profits.

I have helped inexperienced speakers just like you, pull off amazing performances at my own summit and now I will help you. Click the button to get started now