fbpx How to make bank at your next beauty pop-up shop

How to make bank at your next beauty pop-up shop

Register for this class and learn my 5 step plan to attract shoppers to your booth and turn them into buyers.

In this masterclass we'll cover:

  • Where most beauty bosses lose sales at markets and pop-up shops
  • How you should be approaching every pop-up shop or market
  • How you can bring warm buyers into your booth and make them long term customers
November 15th, 2022 @ 2 p.m. AST

Jamila Banister- The Beauty Brand CMO


I'm Jamila, Marketing Strategist for Indies Beauty Brands and host of this masterclass! I'm excited to be back for this year's Global Entrepreneurship week!

If you own a line of beauty products and you're looking for better ways to market your products to make more "cha-ching" then this masterclass is perfect for you.

I'll be teaching you my best tricks and tips and sharing a simple process to ensure that your booth is the one shoppers at all those Christmas markets just can't get enough of.

Register for this class and you're receive the link to the live class via email. Register now I'll see you there!