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4 ways experts can use personal brand authority to turn fans into qualified sales leads

Personal branding is one of the best in-bound marketing strategies an expert or business can use to build their relationship with an audience. However, when you’re ready to take your engagement and reach to another level, you’ve got to consider the use of paid traffic coupled with lead magnets to get people into sales funnels. While there are endless ways to get people’s attention, there are 4 ways that I like the most because they give you the best opportunities for real engagement and relationship growth. They also have high perceived value which make them super attractive to existing fans as well as cold leads. Incidentally, these lead magnets are probably the most time consuming and detailed, but I promise you, the pay off in terms of lead quality, relationship and sales is definitely worth it.

The Challenge

A challenge is one of the best ways to engage an audience. It gives you a chance to show your expertise by having your leads fulfill a series of tasks you’ve designed to bring them results while you they get to know you for it’s duration. An example of this, is a 10 day challenge I recently concluded called “Invisible to In-Demand”. It was an Instagram challenge designed to get people posting and showing up more on their profile in every way possible in order to increase visibility and engagement. This challenge allowed me to connect everyday for 10 days with my group via videos, emails, messenger and live broadcasts. By the end, not only did I have people posting more, but participants were reporting feeling more confident as well as getting more comments and DM’s about their brand. Now, people who I didn’t know 2 weeks ago, have become advocates. In addition, I’m now connected with them in multiple places so I continue to nurture the relationship to sell my products.


 Webinars are another favourite of mine. A webinar is an excellent opportunity to share your brand story, talk about how you found your passion, how it changed your life and how you’ve helped others change theirs. Just like you do with a challenge, you can nurture the relationship with your leads via email or messenger before they actually jump on to your webinar. This might even increase you webinar attendance rate. Once you host the webinar, the live interaction is the perfect opportunity to show your personality and answer any questions your audience may have . It only takes one time to make a first impression and you can really start the a meaningful relationship with a webinar.

A Masterclass

Apart from having a very “sexy” ring to it, a masterclass allows you to show up authentically as an expert. Using fan feedback and keywords, you can design a class that answers some of the most popular questions asked about your industry. There are few tactics more effective than solving problems or giving solutions that work, to create a trust factor between you and your audience. Again remember that first impression, so make your masterclass count.

A Virtual Summit

Of all the options, summits can be the most powerful, usually because they provide an immense amount of value for the lead. If you’re wondering, what’s a virtual summit; it’s simply a collaborative event where you host a series of value driven sessions for 1 or 2 days. These sessions could include interviews or classes from experts in a particular industry. Yes, they do take more work to coordinate, but this means everything affiliated with them also commands a higher ROI, including the quality of leads and sale price on products. Summits are also valuable as they put you in company with other experts who complement your skills set and who can add value to you through affiliation.

Every product doesn’t need a masterclass or summit but if your goals are big, consider making the investment in your lead magnet. The fans who are interested in really investing, will qualify themselves by sticking with you through the process. As an expert looking to leverage your personal brand, relationship is key, so the more opportunities there are to build connections with your audience take them. If you’re a service based brand or expert and you’ve been creating content like blogging, podcasting or videos and you’re ready to take things to the next level by bringing in new leads so you have more chances to close new business, connect with me and let’s talk about what’s right for you.

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