Jamila Bannister

Allow me to re-introduce myself!

I’m Jamila Bannister, a career communicator and P.r. specialist turned Personal Branding COach

Personal Branding began as a very one dimensional journey for me as I tried to land a job in a tough market. With no job leads, I decided to become my own client. Leveraging P.R and marketing strategies to get my name out there as a professional who knew her craft and could add value to any client.

In 2016 I started honing my skills in the digital space combining tried and true visibility and PR strategies with online tactics, social media and digital marketing.  Soon after, I realised that more and more people were looking forward to my content and would ask for my advice. This is why I’m so passionate about working with corporate dropouts, because I know exactly how you feel.

Offering my services has allowed me to become more confident in the online space, produce value packed content that helps my audience and develop digital communication skills that have helped me grow my network of influential partners and clients and I can do the same for you!


Book Review

The author cleverly uses personal experience, examples of prominent persons, and applied marketing knowledge in an engaging manner . There are many take aways from this book that you can apply to all areas of core expertise. An excellent read!”


Bootcamp Review

“Comments are coming in swiftly! This Brandprint Programme is just what I needed.  I wasn’t ready for all of this attention yet…but I’m here for it!”


Attendee Review

“I am so grateful to Jamila and all the presenters for putting this together. I am so pumped about actioning many of the gems shared not only on my 8 to 4 job but in my personal business I plan to launch soon. I am particularly proud that someone from the Caribbean staged such a top class summit! I am already looking out for the boot camp. Thanks to The Brand Summit, you guys are awesome!”

Work with me

Let’s work together to create a personal brand that will help you build the visibility, create the reputation and attract the customers you want. Show up with authority and confidence and deliver value your fans, followers and clients are waiting to get from you! Take the quiz to see if this is right for you.