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3 Types of content you need to build a credible and visible personal brand

If you want to build an influential personal brand, content is the key. As a matter of fact, it’s so important; I dedicated 17 pages of “The Brandprint” just to speak about it. Content, though, is one of those terms that we throw around, but what does it really looking like? As an expert who is looking to build a personal brand everything you put out onto social media or your website should be strategically planned to bring you more reach more credibility and certainly more sales. With this in mind here are three types of content you should be creating and posting every day to social media and what they should do for you and your personal brand and business.

Value Driven Content

Value driven content is a basic content requirement if you are looking to create visibility and build a reputation for yourself. If you want people to know you as a top voice and a beacon of knowledge in your field, you need to be teaching people things they don’t know; clarifying things they may have some idea about or even reinforcing things of which they are innately aware.  Giving people value doesn’t mean you give away everything you know, but it should be enough to give people one or two light bulb moments so that you stand out in their minds as someone to remember.

Engagement Driven Content

A cardinal rule I broke and I’m sure many of you have broken, is making decisions that affect your social presence with no data. If you’re new to the world of purpose driven content, looking and listening for metrics that really matter will be a muscle you have to develop. This is why engagement driven content is so important. Engagement driven content is designed to get your audience interacting with you. Whether you’re asking them to respond to a question, click on a link, send you a private message or comment on a post, engagement driven content is necessary to build a relationship with your audience. Compared to traditional media, social media offers us the advantage of immediate feedback. It’s something we should really take advantage of to keep a temperature check on our audience. It will help you measure the effectiveness of the value driven content you post, measure the strength of your message and especially measure the needs of your audience. This type of content gives you the chance to listen and as a leader this is a requirement to maintain your position.

 Sales Driven Content

Sales driven content is probably the most critical of all three types. Why? Because this is how you generate your revenue.  If you want people to know what you have on offer and actually buy your products, the only way to do that is by telling them about the offer and inviting them to make a purchase. Initially, creating sales driven content really put me outside of my comfort zone.  I couldn’t help but feel a bit “salesy” which felt awkward. After all in my corporate career I never had to consciously sell anything.  No doubt there are some of you who will feel this way too. However, I can tell you that laying the proper foundation of value and engagement actually creates the opportunity to sell.  In fact, you probably have people in your audience right now who are waiting for you to invite them to purchase something, but you’re not “asking for the sale”. If you’re faithfully giving people useful content to improve their lives, trust me, you‘ve earned the ask, so get to it.

Value, engagement and sales driven content could be created as individual posts or you can manage to fit all three types into the same update. However being skilled at this takes some practice. If you’re early in your journey of brand building, keep it simple and focus on providing value for now. If you’re ready to take your brand to another level by creating more influence and generating income, click here to take my quiz and find out if the Brandprint Bootcamp is a fit for you.

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