I'll help you turn your boring beauty business into an engaging beauty brand!

Take my brand audit quiz to see if your beauty business is standing out OR cut to the chase and book your discovery call with me and let’s talk about how I can help you transform your beauty business from boring to your customers’ top choice.

How we work with your beauty brand

List down special services you offer on occasions like weddings, etc.

Image of make up palette and brush

Beauty Brand Audit

We start with an audit to figure out why you're boring and set a few goals for your brand

Image of make up

Find out what people want

Then we do research to get to know your customers. Find out what's important to them and what they need from you

Image of brush combs and soap

Give them what they want

Next we use our research to creating messaging that connects with your customers that represent your brand's persona, voice and visuals

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Boring no more

Finally we implement this messaging through out your social media, emails and website

Schedule your discovery call and let's figure out how to move you from boring to booked!

Review us

“When I began working with Jamila, I was seeking to transform my personal brand voice and also needed soup-to-nuts branding for my budding consultancy company. I’ve received far more than a logo, brand colors, and tag lines! Jamila helped me find my professional brand identity and played a key role in determining who my true target audience is for my business. Her supportive, educational, “let’s get it done” structured approach has positioned me to confidently leverage my business online in a manner that fits well with what my company stands for as an entity. The brand manual Jamila created is a must-have and my go-to reference guide. It keeps me centered and focused. Investing in Jamila’s services was a smart decision. I know my business is positioned for success.”

Michele Mouton Gordon, CEO Sales Director