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Creating your beauty product was easy but turning it into a brand that
sells could be overwhelming and confusing.

It must be frustrating when:

Every day you ask yourself, why is it so difficult to increase and sustain my sales? Shouldn’t
selling beauty be…well…beautiful?

I know how frustrating it could be to feel like you’re hitting the same brick wall repeatedly.

But what if I told you I have a tried and true process to help you sell your products almost effortlessly?

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I’m Jamila Bannister, Brand and Marketing Strategist for Beauty and Personal Care Brands.

I spent 14 years in marketing communications helping companies to tell their stories and sell their products.

I’m also a trained makeup artist who loves all things beauty and now I use my skills to help beauty business owners launch successful brands and earn the money they deserve.

Our process is simple:


First, we work with you to ensure your beauty brand is positioned to the right audience


Then, we come up with the right messaging and marketing content to get their attention


Finally, we create the lead magnet, website and emails flows to turn that attention into sales

What others say about us

When I began working with Jamila, I was seeking to transform my personal brand voice and also needed soup-to-nuts branding for my budding consultancy company. I've received far more than a logo, brand colors, and tag lines! Jamila helped me find my professional brand identity and played a key role in determining who my true target audience is for my business.

Her supportive, educational, "let's get it done" structured approach has positioned me to confidently leverage my business online in a manner that fits well with what my company stands for as an entity. The brand manual Jamila created is a must-have and my go-to reference guide. It keeps me centered and focused. Investing in Jamila's services was a smart decision. I know my business is positioned for success.

- Michele Mouton Gordon

CEO Lagniappe Digital Consulting

Beauty entrepreneurs are creating new products every day with no idea how to sell them...

At JBannister Branding, we’ll help you to position your brand to capture curiosity, create messaging to make your brand memorable and build a sales funnel to easily turn that attention into sales, so you can worry less about growing and focus more on making your clients beautiful

You deserve the money and the fun.

Beauty professionals should not be starving creatives.

You should be free to: