Ever wish you had someone to help you plan and manage those big marketing moves in your beauty business? Then

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Creating your beauty product was easy but turning it into a brand that
sells could be overwhelming and confusing.

It must be frustrating when:

Every day you ask yourself, "when am I going to get a break from the never-ending work and marketing hustle ?" If you know that you've spend enough time DIY-ing your marketing and you need expert help to take your business to the next level the this VIP is for you

I know how frustrating it could be to feel like you’re hitting the same brick wall repeatedly.

But what if I told you I have a tried and true process to help you sell your products and grow your beauty business?

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I’m Jamila Bannister, Brand and Marketing Strategist for Beauty and Personal Care Brands.

I've been a marketing communications professional since 2007, helping companies to tell their stories and sell their products. In my corporate life, I've worked with law enforcement, government business and financial services. As a consultant I've worked with entrepreneurs and beauty service providers.

I’ve also been a trained makeup artist since 2014, who loves all things beauty and now I use my skills to help beauty business owners successfully market their beauty brands and earn the money they deserve.


Getting started is simple:


First, complete our application. This helps determine if we are a right fit for each other.


As long as it's a match, we get on a call to when I learn more about your business and share what you can expect from your day


Finally, we onbaord you and give you an amazing Beauty Boss VIP Day Experience

During your Beauty Boss VIP Day Experience, we’ll focus on building a quarterly marketing plan for a specific beauty product or product set.

You will walk away with:

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Want to know what the Beauty Boss VIP Day Expereince looks like?

Imagine reviewing your VIP Day workbook the next day and feeling

  1. Overjoyed by the clarity you’ve gotten about how to market your beauty products effortlessly instead of the overwhelm you started with
  2. Confident that you can go out and plan your marketing instead of being confused about what to do
  3. Happiness because you understand how to build a marketing system instead of the dread of the hustle

This VIP Day Experience is for you if it means more to you to have the time and insights you need to grow your business than to save a couple dollars by DIY-ing your marketing or you just can't do another "semester at work" sitting through a 3 month course to learn everything.

What others say about working with me

When I began working with Jamila, I was seeking to transform my personal brand voice and also needed soup-to-nuts branding for my budding consultancy company. I've received far more than a logo, brand colors, and tag lines! Jamila helped me find my professional brand identity and played a key role in determining who my true target audience is for my business.

Her supportive, educational, "let's get it done" structured approach has positioned me to confidently leverage my business online in a manner that fits well with what my company stands for as an entity. The brand manual Jamila created is a must-have and my go-to reference guide. It keeps me centered and focused. Investing in Jamila's services was a smart decision. I know my business is positioned for success.

- Michele Mouton Gordon

CEO Lagniappe Digital Consulting

Beauty entrepreneurs are creating new products every day with no idea how to sell them...

I'll help you move from overwhelmed to confident indie beauty brand owner by creating marketing strategies that align with your strengths so you can have more control over your revenue and growth

You deserve the money and the fun.

You should be free to: