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Growing a personal brand and business online doesn't have to feel overwhelming

Starting a new enterprise or growing your side hustle into a more stable business is a big step.The entrepreneurs who build the most successful businesses are the ones who are able to attract and build a loyal audience who is ready to buy.

In today’s digtially dominated world consumers are more demanding than ever. It’s not good enough to sell a product it’s important that your buyer know you, like you and trust you before making a purchase decision, especially if that product can . Relationship and reputation is just as important as product quality. 

Hi, I’m Jamila!

I help corporate dropouts who want to building their visibility, influence and personal brand reputation online by teaching then how to be more confident, create engagement driven content and be better communicators.

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Think you’re ready to take your brand to another level? Take my quiz to see it you’re a match for the Brandprint Personal Branding Bootcamp.  The comprehensive bootcamp where I share all of my techniques, templates, tools and scripts  to help you be more confident, create the content that helps you build relationship and stand out and cleverly communicate to engage the people and negotiate for the opportunities you want. 

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Visit my store to pick up a copy of the Brandprint book or a copy of my dateless digital content calendar. The book will give you all of my tricks and tips of build a strong personal brand online and offline and the calendar will help you master content planning so you can stop feeling overwhelmed and more in control in your business 

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