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Create a personal brand and online business worth celebrating!

Jumping into the world of digital entrepreneurship could be like entering a complex labyrinth.
However, with my 3 step formula in the Brandprint Bootcamp you'll be showing up confidently and with authority in no time! Take our quiz to see if you're ready for bootcamp!

If you woke up today still having no idea where or how to start building the personal brand you want or how to get the attention and traffic you need on your online business, keep reading...


 Hold a finger up for every one of these you can relate to:

  • You feel overwhelmed and confused when you think about where to start with your brand
  • You’re not really sure who your audience or what your brand message is
  • The thought of producing content is like a monkey on your back
  • You’re scared to put yourself on camera or recording your own voice makes you feel weird
  • You get nervous if you have to strike up a conversation with someone new
  • You’re just ready to get “unstuck” and start showing up as the boss you know you are.

Can you imagine how amazing it would feel to get clarity on who you really are, so you can show up for your audience with confidence and authority? I don’t know about you but I that sounds exciting!

hi i'm Jamila

Personal Branding Coach and I know first-hand what it feels like to be stuck because you’re not sure who you’re serving so you can’t show up with authority and clarity to build your brand.

After spending 9 years as a PR and Communications professional in the corporate world, I tried to make my skills work online, but I soon I realised I was working with a 2005 playbook in 2016, so I had to do a major overhaul adding digital skills to my traditional branding knowledge. The last 4 years of growing my digital skills, made me realise that there are many corporate dropouts who are looking for guidance just like I was.

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Client after client I would meet would be great at their
expertise, but they always needed someone to hold their hand as they jumped
into the online world and walk them through what could seem like a very
intimidating matrix.

This is what led me to create the Brandprint Bootcamp. This
8 week programme is designed to take you from confused newbie to confident and
clear on your personal brand message, your audience, your brand voice, your
content and your communication strategies to build an influential network.

First we’ll set the foundation and create your brand
strategy by working out your brand values, brand voice,  your audience and your message

Then I will teach you how to network on social media, so you can  build lucrative partnerships and engaging potential leads though persuasive verbal and non-verbal communication.

Next, I will teach you how to create and leverage video content to boost visibility, position yourself as an authority and engage your audience 

Finally I will show you
how to put it all together so can you start showing up online and building your
brand in the way you want to.

Denisha Piper

This Brandprint Programme is just what I needed

“This Brandprint Programme is just what I needed. I wasn’t ready for all of this attention yet… but I’m here for it!”



Think of how awesome it would be to see yourself smiling and confidently holding your own in your videos;

or what it’ll be like hearing positive feedback from your fans because you were so “spot on” with your content;

or how great it would feel to stop second guessing yourself when you want to talk to someone new;

or how amazing it would be knowing that you’re helping and serving your audience while getting paid for your services!

If you’re ready to stop wishing and start doing, take our quiz to see if you qualify to enrol in the Brandprint Bootcamp and let’s turn those wishes into action. Your personal brand won’t grow unless you do the work. It’s not going to be easy, because if it was, everyone would do it. But people like you and me are action takers. We aren’t here for easy, we’re here because we’re always ready for the next challenge and this is going to be your best one yet!